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Cod. Titolo Titolo Originale Regista Genere Anno Produz. Durata Label Supporto Note  
877 Seconda Guerra Mondiale vol.1 documentario 2004 UK 160 MTC medianetwork com DVD Dall'avvento del nazismo all'invasione della Francia. View
213 Dark Angel - stagione 1 - ep.11-21 Aa.Vv. fantascienza 2000 USA 180 20th Century Fox DVD 3 DVD View
1001 UFO UFO Aa.Vv. fantascienza 1970 UK 45 DVD▒R serie TV completa View
62 Alias - prima serie Alias Aa.Vv. Spionaggio 2000 USA 42 Buena Vista Ent. DVD 6 dvd View
470 Il prigioniero The Prisoner Aa.Vv. avventura/azione 1967 UK 50 DVD▒R serie TV completa View
63 Alias - quarta serie Alias Aa.Vv. Spionaggio 2004 USA 999 Buena Vista Ent. DVD 6 dvd View
64 Alias - quinta serie Alias Aa.Vv. Spionaggio 2006 USA 42 Buena Vista Ent. DVD Sidney Bristow is a college student who has an unusual job ľ she is a spy working for the CIA under secret conditions where not even her friends knows what she does. When her boyfriend proposes Sydney tells him what she does for a living and her employers kill him in line with procedures. Deciding to leave the agency before they kill her too Sydney discovers that she has actually been working for SD6, an agency that is actually a shadowy criminal organisation world-wide. Sydney joins the CIA and works as a double agent to help CIA Agent Vaughn to bring down SD6. She finds that her father is the other double agent within SD6 and the pair work together. While following her missions to uncover the work of the prophetic Rambaldi she must feed information back to the CIA without blowing her cover.When this series started on TV last year there was a lot of hype about it being the teenage 24 and other such things. When I saw the pilot I wasn't overly taken as it had too many `music video' moments and the action seemed forced. However I stuck with it and, once I got into the way it all works then it became actually quite enjoyable if not exactly gripping. The plot is pretty stretched ľ never more so when a run of 15 or so episodes are based around getting the work of a prophet who may have designed the ultimate weapon etc. However it is still quite fun to watch and moves along with a certain amount of energy and pace. The cliff hangers are often a little forced and didn't keep me waiting for the next show. In fact most of the `cliff hangers' are sorted out in the first few moments of the next episode.The overall theme of Sydney versus SD6 is one that runs consistently well even where the week to week plots may be weak. The action of the weekly missions is OK and I was glad to see that the series did not go the way of just putting Garner into different skimpy clothes each week as a way of getting an audience (although she does do that quite a lot!). Sydney's friends are also given reasonable side plots rather than just filling out the cast. The journalist is the best subplot although it isn't consistent and runs out of steam, while Francie's romances don't quite fit the rest of the action they do make an occasional change of pace.Garner is very sexy and can also act very well and is a good lead. She deservedly has had good film roles out of it. Vartan is very good as Vaughn and has a good chemistry with Garner without going overboard on the `will they won't they' thing. The support cast is full of famous faces who do sterling work ľ most noticeably Garber and Rifkin. Also the guest stars who come and go for a few episodes here and there are quite good with even Quentin Tarantino giving a good performance. It's not all perfect but the cast do good work generally.The series may not be well enough written and the thrills are mainly manufactured and temporary, although the running plot is enough to keep tension and excitement running through the show. Overall this series is polished and slick and is well serviced with a good cast and a reasonably good plot. Series one has been good if not great and I can see what series 2 will be dealing with. However I hope that they stop after 2 (or 3 at a push) series rather than taking it too far and outstaying it's welcome.Series one has been enjoyable if not perfect and I will be looking forward to series two, I hope it can keep up the energy, polish and enjoyment of the first series and maybe even improve on it's weaknesses. View
65 Alias - seconda serie Alias Aa.Vv. Spionaggio 2001 USA 999 Buena Vista Ent. DVD 6 dvd View
214 Dark Angel - stagione 2 completa Aa.Vv. fantascienza 2001 USA 360 20th Century Fox DVD▒R 6 DVDR View
66 Alias - terza serie Alias Aa.Vv. Spionaggio 2003 USA 999 Buena Vista Ent. DVD 6 dvd View
212 Dark Angel - stagione 1 - ep.1-10 Aa.Vv. fantascienza 2000 USA 60 20th Century Fox DVD 3 DVD View
702 Masters of Horror Stag.1 - Ep.1-13 Aa.Vv. horror 2005 USA 60 Altro AVI DIVX (v.o.con sub in italiano) View
703 Masters of Horror Stag.2 - Ep.1-13 Aa.Vv. horror 2006 USA 0 Altro AVI DIVX (v.o.con sub in italiano) View
511 Jason Va All'inferno Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Adam Marcus Horror 1993 USA 89 Cecchi Gori DVD▒R Il serial killer pi¨ longevo della storia del cinema torna in scena per la nona volta in quello che dovrebbe essere il capitolo finale della saga di "Venerdý 13" (ma quanti "capitoli finali" sono giÓ stati girati?). Per gli amanti della statistica, questa volta Jason raggiunge la bella cifra di 83 cadaveri. View
795 Phone Phone Ahn Byeong-ki Horror 2002 Corea del Sud 100 Buena Vista Ent. DVD Il film di Ahn Ŕ un furto malsano e maldestro a un patrimonio comune, a un immaginario. Spaventi, suspense, inquietudine? Certo, ma di quelli da scongelare e cuocere nel microonde. View
408 I vendicatori dell'Ave Maria Al Albert (Adalberto "Bitto" Albertini) Western 1971 Italia 90 Cecchi Gori DVD Nella marea di spaghetti western sfornati tra gli anni '60 e '70 si colloca anche il film di Adalberto Albertini, piuttosto scontato ma con qualche notevole scena d'azione. View
43 1972 Dracula colpisce ancora! Dracula A.D. 1972 Alan Gibson Horror 1972 Gran Bretagna 96 DVD▒R Merita appena la sufficienza questo film che vede ancora insieme la mitica coppia Lee/Cushing. L'anno seguente venne girato il seguito: _I satanici riti di Dracula_. View
1002 Ufo... Annientate Shado, uccidete Straker... Stop Square Triangle - Flight Pat - Kill Straker Alan Perry Fantascienza 1972 Gran Bretagna 90 Altro VCD View
42 1000 dollari sul nero Albert Cardiff (Alberto Cardone) Western 1966 Italia 105 DVD▒R da Rete4 View
35 7 dollari sul rosso Albert Cardiff (Alberto Cardone) Western 1966 Italia 100 DVD▒R da FuegoTV View

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